About Responsive

The world is shifting towards consumer empowerment, and towards more and meaningful digital interactions between businesses and consumers. At the centre of this transformation is the daunting task of transitioning the company’s core business into the digital age. For commercial teams, it requires adopting a new mindset, new strategies, and new operating models that leverage technology and data to succeed.

Responsive is a consultancy contributing to our clients’ digital commercial transformation. We provide strategic advice and help design customer experiences and implement solutions and technology that transition our clients’ core business into the digital age.

Our award-winning services create substantial, tangible, and sustainable value for our clients, and consequently we experience increasing demand for our expertise and services.

The Role

As an Associate Consultant you will play an important role in teams of consultants, business analysts, architects, developers, and other technology experts in delivering world-class projects that drive growth and profitability for our clients. You will have the chance to learn from more experienced team members while having extensive exposure to interesting problems and high-impact projects.

You will apply yourself to help your team and our clients shape commercial strategies, implement digital technology solutions, analyse data, and design customer experiences.

Your day-to-day will involve working independently on specific project deliverables, doing analysis on large datasets, conducting client interviews to shape business requirements for technology implementations, write specification documents, performing market research and contribute to the collective team knowledge base.

You will forge relationships with relevant client stakeholders that allow you to develop and maintain an open and constructive working relationship with the client team.

Your acumen and your professional conduct help set the standard for yourself and your colleagues. You will grow your consulting toolbox and learn to drive value for clients inside and outside of projects. You are committed to continually growing personally and professionally.

Your opportunity for career acceleration is vast as we provide ample room to grow, and we have a history of fast-tracking promotions for individuals who are extraordinary contributors.

Your responsibilities

  • Work independently on one or more important deliverables in the day-to-day execution of projects, working in an integrated team of Responsive consultants as well as client employees
  • Continuously contribute to our clients’ multi-year transformation programs spanning multiple projects/tracks reporting to C-suite within our clients’ organisations
  • Ensure the quality of our deliverables by reviewing documents, presentations etc.
  • Help identify new opportunities for Responsive to add value to in the ongoing collaboration
  • Help maintain high standards for personal and professional conduct and contribute to the development of everyone’s skill sets and toolboxes

Your qualifications

  • Relevant educational degree, preferably within business and/or IT
  • Potentially experience from a high impact consulting environment during your studies
  • Potentially some exposure to projects within commercial strategy, digital transformation or digital development
  • A highly motivated individual with strong achievements in your academic endeavours and your extra-curricular activities
  • Attention to details and a level of tenacity that has helped you succeed in challenging situations


Practical information

Jobtype: Associate Consultant

Location: Landemærket 29, 1119 København K

Deadline for application: As soon as possible

Start date: As soon as possible


Send your application to Peter Schlegel pts@responsive.dk



Associate Consultant


Landemærket 29, 1119 København K

Deadline for application

As soon as possible

Start date

As soon as possible


Send your application to Peter Schlegel pts@responsive.dk