Helping Interflora grow 14.5%

Insourcing key competencies and selecting the right strategic partners to best supports agile workflow, while improving digital infrastructure to expand permission data base through first part data. This was used to implement AI-driven CX initiatives including an advanced product recommendation model and robotics development.

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Our Work

By delivering experiences based on a solid, in-depth understanding of businesses across industries, we have created continuous growth and profit for our clients.

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Client succes: Matas

We helped Matas achieve 4.2% YOY total revenue growth and a 6x increase in revenue from digital channels.

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Client succes: Interflora

We helped Interflora grow 14.5% between 2017-2019 by implementing AI-driven experiences across the customer journey.

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Client succes: Velliv

We helped Velliv in their digital transformation of Intelligent Customer Advisory achieving significant financial results on both top- and bottom line.

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