Our principles of operation

Every business has its challenges. Solving them requires flexibility of thought. At Responsive, we don’t start from scratch. Instead we work with a unique set of principles to understand and develop your business in the digital age. These six pillars represent both an analytical framework, and a tool for organising our engagements and how we work with our clients over time.

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A clear direction must be established through an understanding of the business and its surroundings.

We help set the goals and build the business case for your long-term investments.

A digital transformation requires solid customer insights.

Together we identify your profitable customers, the growth pockets in your customer segments and develop a deep understanding of customer needs.

A digital transformation cannot happen without an organisation that has the right skills and ways of working.

We map your organisation of today and chart your organisation of tomorrow. And then we help you get there.

The data that lives in an organisational sphere determines the ability to personalise customer experiences.

We help you consolidate and activate data to amplify your customer experiences.

All customer experiences must be based on customer insights and should work to build a position in the market.

We analyse what you have done and help you build the business and creative concept of your customer experience that will support your positioning.

Technology is ubiquitous in a digital transformation. And it’s not solely the remit of the CIO office – but very much a joint responsibility.

Together we help enable your commercial and digital organisation to own the digital infrastructure that will define your ability to succeed.

GoalsDefine the objectivesand build the business case Data & AILeverage data to deliver personalisation at scale People & ProcessesTransform waysof working Concept & CommunicationDevelop originaland engaging customer experiences CustomersIdentify profitable growth potential fromcustomer insights TechnologyDeliver experiences using the powerof technology