Client succes: Matas

We helped Matas achieve 4.2% YOY total revenue growth and a 6x increase in revenue from digital channels.

Matas has launched a new Club Matas app, a new subscription concept as well as a range of AI-infused automated customer experience programs. What’s more, we helped Matas to optimise internal work processes to increase production efficiency by more than 30%. Finally, a range of novel AI-models has been launched on the MS Azure AI platform that Responsive helped implement.

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Client succes: Interflora

Our work with Interflora saw a growth of 14.5% between 2017-2019 by implementing AI-driven experiences across the customer journey.

Since 2017, Interflora has built key competencies within its organisation to quickly scale digital efforts. Responsive has supported the transformation by building customer data infrastructure, establishing a cloud-based AI development platform and implementing an omnichannel marketing automation tool. Our team also developed an award-winning, proprietary AI model as well as advanced robotics — all of which have been applied to hundreds of thousands of customer interactions along the customer journey.

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Client succes: Velliv

We helped Velliv in their digital transformation of Intelligent Customer Advisory achieving significant financial results on both top- and bottom line.

Velliv's Intelligent Customer Advisory engine was designed to coordinate advice across a variety of channels, including the Velliv mobile app, email, e-Boks, SMS,, and in-person at the advisory cente.

Velliv Case
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Client succes: G-Star

Heavily relying on wholesalers and third-party digital sales platforms such as Amazon and Zalando, coupled with a limited degree of direct-to-consumer (DTC) relationships, underscores the importance of establishing a robust foundation of first-party data in G-Star's digital transformation.

This transformation involves a comprehensive restructuring of the customer data landscape on a global scale to fortify first-party data capabilities, aligning with the objectives of achieving commercial growth targets. The primary focus is on enabling scalable DTC operations and fostering seamless collaborations among both internal and external stakeholders.

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We’re proud of the work we have done together with our clients across industries.

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