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Service description and key problems that challenge the market

A digital commercial strategy are the choices that outlines a company’s approach to using digital technologies to achieve business goals. It helps the company identify which steps to take to succeed and grow in today’s digital world.

As we live in a digital age companies experience increased competition. Almost every company has an online presence. Without a digital commercial strategy, you as a company risk falling behind competitors in terms of reach and engagement. A digital commercial strategy is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods and it creates measurable results. It makes it possible to track the success of marketing initiatives and make data-driven decisions.

Companies around the world struggle to make the critical choices required to succeed digitally. When talking to clients some of the key questions we hear are:

• “How do we transform our legacy business to identify and realise the digital opportunities?”
• ”Which customers will be our most valuable customers tomorrow? Which customers have the biggest potential for profitable growth?”
• ”What technology should we adopt to pave the way to digital success and how?”
• ”What skills and resources are required when transforming our organisation?”
• ”What new business processes should we develop?”

Key activities and deliverables

We help companies achieve the full power of digital to make them succeed and grow. After completing a Digital Commercial Strategy process we will typically have developed:
• A rock-solid business case
• A prioritised roadmap of opportunities
• A customer segmentation model geared for your digital growth
A future operation model encompassing:
• An assessment of your MarTech landscape with clear recommendations
• An overview of the skills currently in your organisation as well as a picture of what's required to realise your digital goals
• A mapping of your mission critical business processes as-is and -to-be

Those are all elements we find essential to succeed digitally and achieve business goals.

Outcome and client value

When working with Digital Commercial Strategy we engage with our clients in a structured and time-limited process.

Our Digital Commercial service offering involves a range of well-defined workshops and interviews with rigorous quantitative analysis that has been proven to yield a solid foundation for the future strategy. The duration of the process varies based on the scope of the project, but typically lasts 8-12 weeks. We tailor each engagement to meet the specific needs of our clients.