What we’re good at

A commercial transformation in the digital age requires four distinct capabilities. We offer consultancy services within all four areas at the level of engagement you are looking for.


Every transformation needs clarity of direction. Even more so in a world of constant change and ambiguity. We help our clients set this direction through rigorous analysis and a solid understanding of their business — always with our eyes on creating long-term growth and profitability.


Any customer interaction should be smooth because it’s frictionless — or be memorable because of just the right type of friction. We help our clients conceive and build digital customer experiences throughout the customer journey.


In the digital age, every commercial and digital team relies heavily on technology to deliver customer experiences. We help our clients achieve scale and cost efficiency by choosing, implementing, developing and operating the right technology.

Data and AI

As data volumes grow exponentially inside every business, the right tools and abilities to leverage them become critical. We help our clients make the most of every customer interaction through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our sector expertise

We have helped businesses across a broad variety of industries connect their core business to their digital transformation. Over time, we have found that we naturally do more work with certain types of businesses. And as a result, we have developed a deeper understanding of their industries. Our core competencies lie within four sectors where our profound experience helps us create impactful solutions.


Financial services

A sector with above-average levels of regulation, high risk-adversity and complex customer relationships requires very specific solutions. We have helped market leaders – and challengers – succeed.


Retail and FMCG

No sector is feeling the impact of consumer digitisation more than retail. We help retailers make the difficult transition from their brick-and-mortar legacy to profitable omnichannel customer experiences.


Subscription business

Offsetting acquisition costs throughout the customer lifetime is paramount to subscription businesses. We understand how to create long-term loyal customer relationships on a subscription basis — and show you how you can too.


Travel & hospitality

In a sector traditionally defined by a brand’s ability to create memorable offline customer experiences, digitisation offers new paths to customer acquisition and retention. We help brands deliver equally memorable experiences online.