Achieving Personalised Communication and Enhanced Sales Forecasting Accuracy through Advanced Predictive Marketing



Increased sales forecasting accuracy


Company profile

Spies Rejser is a Danish travel agency offering affordable holiday packages and other travel-related services since its founding in 1956. They provide a variety of vacation options to destinations worldwide, including beach holidays, city breaks, and ski trips, while maintaining high-quality service standards.

Project description

Responsive was tasked with developing a predictive marketing setup that could significantly out-perform the current setup. Our objective was to create an analytical strategy that would improve and increase personalisation for SPIES.

Our team has developed a range of models that could target marketing towards the existing customer portfolio. Sales messages that resonate with the customer in terms of timing and interests


Responsive helped and provided models which can predict customers who will make a purchase within the next month three times better than normal segmentation. All KPI’s on Click-through, open rate and conversion were significantly improved.


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