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Service description and key problems that challenge the market

In today's digital age, having single platform to collect and organise customer data across all touchpoints in real time has become an increasing need.

Responsive has helped several clients realise the potential of their customer data by utilising a customer data platform. Utilising your customer data through a CDP will enable you to build unified customer profiles that can be activated through relevant communication across any channel in real time. We have deep knowledge of the CDP vendor landscape and a proven methodology for helping clients analyze their CDP needs and select the right vendor.

The goal of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is to create a unified view of each customer, which can then be used to personalise and optimise communication and marketing efforts across all channels. By utilising a CDP you as a business gain a better understanding of customers' preferences, needs, and behaviors. This information makes it possible to deliver more targeted and relevant customer experiences.


Key activities and deliverables

Analysis of current customer data setup
We conduct an analysis of the current customer data setup to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and identify areas for improvement and develop a plan for implementing a more effective solution.

Mapping requirements to possible vendors in scope
We map requirements for the new data platform to possible vendors in scope. This allows us to identify which vendors have the capabilities and features that match the business's needs the best.

Comparison of vendors
As we have identified a list of potential vendors, we conduct a comparison of their capabilities and features to determine which vendor matches the business the most. This creates a foundation for us to make an information decision about which vendor to work with.

Analysis of current customer data architecture
We make an analysis of current customer data architecture to understand how current data is collected, stored, and used. We identity any potential gaps and develop a plan for addressing them.

Definition of use cases that could be leveraged for future activities
By understanding the needs and opportunities for improving the customer data platform, we can develop a plan for utilising the platform effectively to drive business growth. 

Overall, these activities aim to identify the best solution for the business's needs and to develop a plan for implementing and utilising the customer data platform effectively.

Outcome and client value

Choosing a new Customer Data Platform entails detailing and defining technical requirements. However, at Responsive we care about the people and processes that surrounds the technology, as we do not believe that technology alone can solve problems. By not only taking the technical requirements into scope, we ensure that we recommend CDP platforms that actually fits your organisation and your organisation ways of working. The recommendations are based on user insights, data analysis and verified in a solid and robust business case. We help you plan and drive the implementation in close collaboration with internal parties.