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Service description and key problems that challenge the market

Building customer loyalty is a complex discipline. We build club and loyalty strategies to deliver great customer experiences and create long term business value. Developing a successful club loyalty strategy requires a clear understanding of target audience. This includes identifying needs, preferences, and behavior as well as the value they perceive in the loyalty program.

Definition of value propositions that stands out is crucial to obtain the economic potential there is when launching a club and loyalty strategy in the market. It is crucial as it attracts and retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and drive business growth and success.

Overall, a club loyalty strategy can be a powerful tool for building customer loyalty, engagement, and lifetime value for a business. By offering valuable incentives and creating a positive customer experience you can foster long-term relationships with customers and drive sustained growth.

Key activities and deliverables

Our work with Club Loyalty Strategy encompasses different components as listed:

• Problem breakdown and analysis structure

As-is analysis
• Market sizing and core customer analysis
• Customer definitions
• MarTech assessment and gap analysis
• Industry outlook and best practices

• Club concept scenarios
• Member impact assessment

Concept and Club Strategy
• MarTech Road Map
• Club Road map
• Future Club organisation
• Business case

Overall, our work with Club Loyalty Strategy results in a thorough understanding of the client’s opportunities and challenges facing Club Loyalty Strategy, and a clear business case for moving forward.

Outcome and client value

We provide a clear direction of club concept and value propositions. This involves understanding the needs and preferences of the target customers as well as analysing data and market trends to identify opportunities and inform the development of the club concept and value proposition.

The recommendations are based on customer insights, data analysis and verified in a solid and robust business case. By equipping our clients with technical system and platform recommendations, we enable clients to succeed now, and in the future when new demands appear. We help clients plan and drive the implementation in close collaboration with your internal partners. This ensures that the club or loyalty program is launched or managed in a way that maximizes its potential for success.

All in all, we build club and loyalty strategies to make it possible for our clients to deliver great customer experiences and create long term business value.