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Service description and key problems that challenge the market

To continuously make informed and effective decisions it is crucial to have a solid data foundation. This involves structuring and operationalizing data across different platforms and tools to enable exploitation of commercial opportunities.

Overall, a solid data foundation is essential for modern companies to continuously make the right decisions and capitalize on commercial opportunities. By providing strategic advisory and technical development, we can help our clients leverage their data to its full potential.

To do so, a strategic advisory and technical development is needed to ensure that data is properly analysed and used to inform marketing activities. This can include providing analytical reporting and automated insights to enrich the data and get a better understanding of customers. However, we see that companies struggle to fully leverage the data they have at hand and as a result miss out on potential opportunities. We help clients define their core customers and identify the most valuable and untapped potential within existing and potential new customers. To support this we offer analytical capabilities to enable leveraging of insights.


Key activities and deliverables

Identification and profiling of core customer:
Identifying and profiling the client’s most important customer segments creates an understanding of the customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviour. It makes it possible for us to tailor value propositions and marketing efforts to better meet the needs of these key customers.

Value proposition tailoring based on insights
Once we have identified and profiled the core segments, the company can use the information to tailor value propositions to better meet the needs of these customers.

Development of roadmap based on core value propositions
By developing a roadmap based on core value propositions it is possible for us to guide the company’s efforts to optimise value propositions and reach target customers.

Value-driven and actionable dashboard development and setup
We develop and set up an easy to use and understand value-driven and actionable dashboard to ensure that the company effectively track progress and make data-driven decisions.

Roadmap creation for optimal insights utilisation
We create a roadmap to illustrate specific steps for utilizing the insights to improve business operations, product development, and marketing efforts.

Overall, the goal is to help the company succeed in making data-driven decisions and continuously improve its performance.

Outcome and client value

Our work on insights and analytical reporting helps our clients improve their approach to using data to drive commercial success. It is cemented in a new and more structured approach to leveraging data as an enabler for commercial success.

By identifying core customers and market opportunities, our clients have a proven track record of being able to focus their initiatives on the right customers at the right time. Further, a deep knowledge of core customer profiles allow clients to target their value offerings and communicative initiatives.