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We are committed to creating tangible, lasting business results. We’re fond of clear goals and objectives. And accountability.

Service description and key problems that challenge the market

End-to-End (E2E) Marketing automation is the use of technology to automate marketing processes from end to end.

The need of levering from high volumes of data, and on that basis automate processes and communication is valuable. The crucial part is first of all to select the suitable platforms for current and future purposes. Selecting and implementering too small or big platforms can be an expensive exercise for all companies.

As E2E Marketing Automation allows companies to gather data and insight about target audience and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, it can contribute positively to future marketing efforts and improve customer experience.

Thinking and developing advanced marketing automation programs is what we do best. Securing high scalibility is difficult, because companies have to take future unknown scenarios into account when developing the programs.

Key activities and deliverables

At Responsive we specialize in helping clients excel in E2E Marketing Automation. We understand the fact that the right marketing automation platform is crucial to the success of any marketing automation strategy. Therefore, we provide clear recommendations of which platforms that fits your company the best.

Our E2E Marketing Automation service offering covers the following:

We create an understanding of the business objectives and identify the key areas were automation can bring value. 

Specification and business rules
Once the concept is defined, we work with our client to specify the requirements and establish the business rules that will govern the automation process.

Configuration and implementation
We configure, set up and implement the platform to meet the specific requirements of the client.

The platform goes through a test phase so we ensure it works as expected and follow business rules.

QA process
To validate that the solution meets the requirements mentioned in 'specification and business rule' we carry out a quality assurance process.

Go live and hypercare
Once the solution is deemed ready for production, we deploy it to the client. We provide hypercare support to ensure that the solution works smoothly and any potential issues are resolved quickly.

Overall, our goal is to help our clients leverage the full potential of marketing automation to drive growth and success.

Outcome and client value

Businesses evolve and change over time. Our advanced marketing automation service offering is designed with scalability in mind. By implementing solutions that are easily scalable, we can ensure that our clients won’t have to start from scratch every time they need to make changes or add new capabilities. Our clients’ marketing automation strategies can adapt and grow with them.

Our advanced marketing automation program spans 4-8 weeks. The program includes a range of services, from conceptualisation to implementation and testing. Through these services, we aim to provide a comprehensive marketing automation solution that meets the needs of our clients.